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Jaguar Land Rover Australia is proud to partner with Merivale, one of Australia’s leading hospitality groups, in an exciting move designed to build new lifestyle dimensions into its customer experience. Merivale operates a booming portfolio of close to sixty restaurants, hotels, bars and event spaces, all focused on delivering a world class guest experience.


In 2014, The Australian Ballet and Jaguar Australia announced a partnership that saw the two companies join forces for the following three years, with Jaguar becoming a Major Partner and the exclusive automotive sponsor of The Australian Ballet.

The partnership between Jaguar Australia and The Australian Ballet comes at an important time in the evolution of the Jaguar brand. Jaguar has always believed that the car is the closest thing we can ever create to something that is alive. In the words of Jaguar’s founder, Sir William Lyons, all Jaguars “combine the three strands of technology, performance and design which form the ‘Jaguar Alive DNA’”. Sir William Lyons’ uncompromising vision of continually searing ever-higher benchmarks is the philosophy that Jaguar strongly live by today to ensure the brand delivers the most rewarding driving experience.