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02 September 2015


At Jaguar’s Global Press Event in Pamplona drivers from CAP tested out the all-new XF 2.0 litre diesel and the all-new XF S V6 3.0 litre Supercharged petrol.

Starting off in the diesel, the car created an immediate impression. “This all-new diesel unit is built at the new engine plant in Wolverhampton and what a nice unit it is too. The 2.0 diesel is quiet and very responsive. The cabin is so quiet and peaceful and you really don’t know you are driving a diesel at all - so refined and such wonderful engineering.”

Pointing to its advanced Lightweight Aluminium Architecture the XF’s efficiency they noted that the car is 190kg lighter than its predecessor and has reduced CO2 emissions as low as 104g/kg. When they also drove the XF S V6 3.0 litre Supercharged petrol model they were equally impressed, not only by its outright power and pace, but by its manners around town, saying the car “was just as happy and docile going through small villages at very low speed, as it was going fast.”

With class leading rear legroom and many refinements, the cabin of both cars was similarly praised. Remarking that over £400 million has been invested at the Castle Bromwich plant where the XF is built they write “The interior is quite exquisite and absolute quality, it's British craftsmanship at its best. All the materials used are up to the highest standard throughout the car. ”

“The all-new Jaguar XF is a huge improvement on the already very good current model, but the new one takes Jaguar to a new level and a level that will attract many new customers to the brand.”