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Jaguar’s 2021 F-PACE P400 R-Dynamic SE was put through its paces for an in-depth review by “car nut” and expert reviewer Cameron for ProductReview.com.au. Cameron was well placed to evaluate how the quality of the F-PACE stacks up against other Jaguar models over the years, as the luxury marque has been his family’s car of choice for over a decade.

Starting with build, Cameron said the quality is next level. “From the bottom of the doors, through to the control to put the transmission into park - it uses some of the highest grade materials found at this price point. The Jaguar oozes luxury from the quality of its leather seats to its button presses and accuracy in stitching and embroidery.” He was taken with the attention to detail, including “Jaguar logos in the seats, door sills, in the headlights and embossed into the air vent controls”. On the exterior he felt the weighted doors and flawless paint all add to the perception of a well-built car. Those who deeply appreciate detail “will be thoroughly impressed and satisfied with this English SUV”.


Out on the road, with acceleration of 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds, Cameron noted “this isn’t a slow car by any means”. With a 3.0L mild-hybrid, turbocharged inline six cylinder, also fitted with an electric supercharger, “it’s a complex but powerful motor”. With the mild-hybrid system offering instant off-the-line acceleration, Cameron appreciated “the benefits of a hybrid for jumping off the start-line, without the additional weight of carrying around a large battery pack”. Once underway, “the inline six powers through to 100km/h without any hint of a struggle. Power is effortless, and plentiful for the daily commute”. For Cameron, the P400 provided a rewarding and compelling driving experience, with the car’s dynamic ability “phenomenal”.


Inside, Cameron discovered “there’s been a dramatic overhaul in the name of quality and minimalism inside the Jag”. The curved centre 11.4-inch touch display is “a statement piece” featuring “an ultra crispy, bright and well saturated display”. The user experience is clean and easy to use, with a layout that makes it simple to access an array of features. “With streaks of aluminum, a lot of stitched leather and a selected use of technology,” Cameron said, “the Jaguar F-PACE feels classy yet contemporary. I really do believe that both visually and in use, the F-PACE’s interior design was a step up from other rivals like Audi and BMW.”

Concluding his comprehensive review, Cameron said he loves the F-PACE P400 and it “can do it all, and more importantly, provide more than enough fun in the driving department”. He found the P400 motor to be a true highlight, with the vehicle having plenty of road presence. A fantastic example of a luxury performance SUV, he finished by saying, “Overall, you certainly should buy an F-PACE P400 if you’re in the market for a performance SUV, as it offers the old school Jaguar sports car formula, packaged into the shape of an SUV.”