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Variety is a children’s charity with a passion for giving kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs a fair go. The Variety NSW Bash is a week-long adventure, exploring the dirt roads of NSW and the ACT, in cars at least 30 years old, raising vital funds to help change the lives of kids in need around the country. The ‘Bashers’ visit schools along the way and donate much-needed items and equipment. Jaguar superfan Darren Furzer found a novel way to support the charity and the Bashers, bringing excitement and joy to the kids at the Variety Family Fun Day that marks the end of the Bash.

Darren’s friends Graeme and Amanda Murphy were taking part in the 2021 Variety Bash, driving a Chrysler Valiant that they had turned into a ‘bat-mobile’ named Bat1. This inspired Darren to offer more than just a donation to Variety and create a fun experience for the kids by transforming his black Jaguar F-TYPE into another bat-mobile, as a support vehicle for Bat1.

After their incredible seven day journey, Graeme, Amanda and the rest of the Bashers arrived in one piece, cars intact and smiles all round, to enjoy the festivities of the Family Fun Day. Darren said the atmosphere was incredible, with plenty to entertain the kids, including people dressed as superheroes, and of course two attention-grabbing bat-mobiles! Darren found the event and his involvement in it a humbling experience and a day he will never forget.


Darren has had a passion for cars ever since he could drive, and he first fell in love with Jaguars back in 1981 when he used to detail Jaguar XJs for company directors. He described himself as “floored” by the car when he first got behind the wheel, but never imagined he’d be able to afford a Jaguar. Fast forward many years to the release of the Jaguar XE in 2015, Darren thought it was a “smashing looking car”, and now in a position to own a Jaguar he bought one.

While getting his XE serviced one day, he was given an F-TYPE loan car which he thought was “unbelievable”, and without hesitation added another Jaguar to his collection. Since owning Jaguars Darren says he has never looked back and finds them “phenomenal”. He’s been lucky enough to attend Jaguar drive days where he’s driven the range and found the performance across all models to be equally impressive.

When the opportunity arose for Darren to share his passion for Jaguars with Variety he jumped at it, and his F-TYPE bat-mobile is not done yet. Variety’s Christmas party is being held in Newcastle in November and will host 1500 special needs children, and Darren is booked to bring his special F-TYPE along to celebrate. And he already has an eye on the Variety NSW Bash for 2022 or 2023, where he’s thinking about buying an old Jaguar and entering the event because he believes it’s important to give back and feels lucky to be in a position to help out.