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At Jaguar, we put our customers at the centre of every design decision, with the aim of creating exceptional driving experiences. With infotainment systems a key purchasing decision, we’ve listened to our customers and worked hard to improve the quality, performance and satisfaction with our infotainment system. The result is the state-of-the-art Pivi Pro, a significantly better infotainment customer experience.

The Pivi Pro project team looked at every element of the user experience and found a number of opportunities to make the system more intuitive and logical to use, including using simpler icons and ensuring each task needed fewer steps to perform.

Joanne Pearson, Customer Insights Director, said that extensive research about what customers wanted drove the development of the new system, and even after the system debuted in the first vehicle, they have continued to listen to customers to understand and improve their experience.


Peter Virk, Director Connected Car & Future Technology, noted that customers were comparing Jaguar’s infotainment systems to their mobile phones, which inspired the team to make the system more like a mobile phone, and design it so it was always on. By putting a battery into the system, it’s now less than five seconds from a boot-up to access the navigation system. And to ensure the Pivi Pro is always connected, it was given its own internet connection for software-over-the-air (SOTA) and diagnostics, while a separate internet connection for customer-facing features ensures seamless operation at all times.

Pivi Pro has been a game-changer for Jaguar in infotainment, according to Simon Gladstone, Technical Lead in infotainment quality. “We now have a voice system that has a wake-up word. We’ve got a touch screen that’s more responsive, the colours are elegant and minimalist compared to previous systems. We’re using the fastest hardware processor out there; it’s got a battery back-up so it’s always ready to go. Those developments make a real difference."

Thanks to SOTA, we can continue to build a better customer experience without inconveniencing our customers, who previously had to return their vehicle to the dealer to benefit from updates. All this hard work has seen the Pivi Pro win the SMARTBEST 2020 award from the prestigious motoring jury AUTOBEST, recognising the best connected technologies in the automotive industry.

Now available in the 2021 Jaguar F-PACE.