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The world of music and design meet in a unique celebration of the arts, as Jaguar partners with 4th Floor Creative to present Sound Design, a series of one-off performances by Sony Music UK artists Disciples and Pip Millett. The Sound Design team have repurposed Jaguar facilities, ordinarily dedicated to the design and engineering of Jaguar vehicles, into entertainment venues to capture the thrill of live music performances as audiences begin to return to concerts and festivals.

A soundproof room, normally used to develop and test the refinement and sound quality of Jaguar’s vehicles, has been used to host Disciples. The trio performed their new single ‘Solid Gold’, which was their first live performance since the start of the pandemic. Disciples said, “The creation of music as art is for the enjoyment and interpretation of your audience. Performing and recording is a massive part of that...It’s good to be back, especially in such a uniquely creative location.”


Sophie Ellis, Jaguar’s Senior Creative Detail Designer, had the opportunity to chat to Disciples, and discuss the similarities in the creative processes of designing a car and writing music. Both use lived experiences to communicate an emotion and ask people to feel something. “You feel what a Jaguar is when you get into one, and you hear the creativity of Disciples when you listen to their music.”

The second performance in the series saw Pip Millett perform her release ‘Braid it Back’, which was filmed in the creative heart of the Jaguar Design studio. A simple set design kept the focus on the beauty of the artist’s voice and lyrics.

After her performance, Millett was joined by Louise Thorburn, Jaguar’s Senior Colour and Materials Designer, to discuss how it feels to deliver a project after a long period of development – something both musicians and car designers are used to. Thorburn talked about the importance of pushing creative boundaries, and sharing that experience with another creative. Millett was excited to perform against such a different backdrop, with the experience expanding the way she thinks about creativity.