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The most powerful mid-size SUV in Australia right now, the Jaguar F-PACE SVR was recently reviewed by Performance Drive’s Brett Davis, who summed up his opinion of the SVR by claiming that it is “Staunch, menacing, and with a troublemaking soundtrack. This cat is flexed and ready to pounce on its prey.”

Boasting a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that belts out 405kW and 680Nm, Davis notes the sheer power of the engine overbears all the F-PACE SVR’s key rivals, and this “throbbing, monster of an engine” is the main attraction to the SVR. Equipped with a bi-modal exhaust, this powerful SUV has an enthusiastic acceleration and a switch into Dynamic mode unleashes an “almighty bellow”.


This noise is matched by an astonishing performance and “on full throttle it feels as though you’ve just stepped on a bomb, catapulting you forward with huge g-force”. Along with straight-line speed, the SVR can also be pushed hard around corners, and on faster sweeping bends “it leans in a little bit and then just holds, absorbing bumps along the way without disrupting the balance or precise direction”. 

Davis then comes to the SVR’s best trait (aside from the engine) - ride quality and composure. Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations engineers “have done a wonderful job of walking that fine line between offering a high level of cornering agility while maintaining excellent ride comfort and compliance”.


Davis views the F-PACE SVR as both a beauty and a beast (in the best possible way). On the one hand, the F-PACE is one of the most stylish and beautifully designed SUVs in its class, under the design direction of industry-renowned designer Ian Callum, “but in SVR guise there are plenty of muscular and edgier tones to give it a tougher and perhaps less elegant presentation”.  

Captivated by the view from behind, Davis loves the quad-outlet exhausts and the vertical slits in the sides of the bumper bar, along with the flair added by racy fins hiding discreetly under the lower corners. A set of special 21-inch forged alloy wheels complete all the design and performance enhancements included in the SVR.

Inside, the red interior of the test model contrasts nicely with the black exterior and black interior highlights, adding “a distinct fiery character, which seems to pair well with the SVR’s threatening, venomous personality”. Upfront the SVR’s bucket seats cradle the occupants perfectly, with rear accommodation given a thumbs up by Davis.

There was a great deal that Davis loved about the F-PACE SVR, “a beast of an SUV”, with unmatched power in its class. He concludes by saying, “What we love most is that it’s still a modern Jaguar. That is, you get a beautiful and distinctive design, classy interior, and a smooth drive experience with a comparatively comfortable ride.”

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