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31 May 2013


Jaguar Australia and The Australian Book of Records are pleased to announce that from September 24, until October 17, 2012 a team of 10 drivers, drove a Jaguar XF 2.2-litre diesel round the 13,925 km coastal road route of Australia, and established the lowest fuel consumption for the 'Under 3 Litre Diesel Automatic' category.

This exciting drive started from Jaguar HQ, 65 Epping Road, North Ryde, NSW and was under the watchful eye of The Australian Book of Records chief witness, retired Police Inspector Mr. Philip Swindells.

Helen and John Taylor 'the world's most fuel efficient couple', headed the drive and in relay fashion en route, many other Australians ranging from 24 to 66 years of age, embraced the opportunity to get 'behind the wheel' of the Jaguar XF 2.2-litre diesel vehicle. They demonstrated by driving in a safe, smart fashion they could all improve their fuel efficiency and drive their way into the record books.

"Jaguar wanted to demonstrate to everyday drivers how they can drive safer, smarter, save fuel, save money and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as break Australian National Fuel Economy Driving Records. The result of 3.98 L/100 km (71 mpg) is outstanding and we are pleased to have the Jaguar XF listed as a record breaker in The Australian Book of Records," said Narine Salmasi, Jaguar Marketing and Public Affairs Specialist.


• Distance covered = 13,925 kms
• Litres purchased = 554.26 litres
• Cost of fuel = A$881.07
• L/100 km = 3.98
• KM/L = 25.13 km/l
• Number of tanks = 8.14 tanks
• Average distance per tank = 1,710.69 km's per tank
• CO2 = 107 gm/km
• Drivers: Mr Chris Lidis, NSW. Ms Frances Blackie, Qld. Mr Ben Murphy, NT. Mr Ron Seddon, WA. Mr Clint Horwood, WA. Mr Nick Price, WA. Ms Bev Fairweather, SA. Ms Sara Gipton, VIC.

The last of the relay driving team was Sara Gipton, Greenfleet CEO, who is an avid fuel economy supporter.

The Taylors have chosen Greenfleet to offset their carbon emissions responsibly. On the Jaguar drive around Australia Greenfleet calculated the CO2 emissions used at 107 grams per kilometre.

For the daily blog of the Jaguar Round Australia Fuel Economy Record Drive, log onto Latest Records.