As Jaguar accelerates towards an exciting electric future, the launch of the final 2024 model year F-TYPE 75 and R75 petrol sports cars feels particularly special. A select group of motoring journalists were flown to Spain to experience a significant milestone for an iconic vehicle. In a thrilling 800km, 48 hour journey they travelled from Sitges on the sparkling Mediterranean to San Sebastian on the Atlantic Ocean.

F-TYPE Exterior Driving

On day one, the drivers got behind the wheel of the F-TYPE 75 Convertible in Giola Green, a custom colour for the 75 editions inspired by the teal limestone waters of the Greek Islands. Anthony Crawford from CarExpert found the exterior colour beautifully complimented the exquisite tan interior, and with the lowered roof said it “simply looks divine”. John McMahon from Boss Hunting could only agree, describing the exterior finish as “drop dead gorgeous”, and combined with the interior “one of the most captivating specs I’d ever seen in the metal”.

Interior View


Tackling nearly 500km of challenging mountain roads, the group began their climb into the Pyrenees. Crawford noted the “thunder under the bonnet” in the form of Jaguar’s P450 supercharged V8, tuned to deliver a solid 331kW and 580Nm to the rear axle exclusively through an eight-speed automatic transmission. He found the drive to be “fast, furious and very, very loud”, with the vehicle “unflustered by any turbulence around the car” at huge speeds. It was rock solid in the bends and the steering nicely weighted in Sport with immediate throttle response.

Mountain Road

For McMahon, “the familiar bark of the supercharged V8 grew in ferociousness with every turn, inducing nothing but beaming ear-to-ear smiles...I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the F-TYPE’s exhaust note is easily the most outrageous, spine-tingling noise from a V8 on the road right now”. As the roads became more challenging, he felt most alive “and for me, few cars have triggered such a visceral, heartbeat-skipping response more frequently than the F-TYPE”.



Day two and it was time to experience the F-TYPE R75 Coupe in signature Ligurian Satin Black paint with an ebony suede interior. Crawford has never seen a satin paint with such a superb finish to it, while McMahon described it as “menacing”. Also featuring a 5.0-litre supercharged V8, it’s armed with 423kW and 700Nm through all four wheels. McMahon said the R75 was undeniably more savage and “dialled the badass scale up to 11”, making this weapon the F-TYPE to end all F-TYPEs. For Crawford it was hard not to get excited by the journey ahead with the “thought of endless fast-sweeping bends”.

Exterior Static Front

Both were impressed by the breathtaking power the coupe delivered. McMahon said, “The pickup of seemingly endless power – even at high speeds – was linear and unrelenting. At no point did the 423kW of juice run out of oomph.” Crawford, meanwhile, “wasn’t expecting such a significant level of power underfoot. It’s not just the throttle response – as quick as that is – it’s more the torque shove that gets you thinking you’re driving a very quick car”. Without the outside distractions of driving the convertible, McMahon was able to fully appreciate the cabin of the F-TYPE which “is a sublime place to be. The exceptional visibility afforded by surprisingly large windows, a sunroof, and a near-perfect driving position left us with a commendable situational awareness”.


With their arrival into San Sebastian, the drive of a lifetime came to an end. Crawford concluded that the F-TYPE 75 is “to die for…and every bit as loud when you want it and refined when you need it”, while the F-TYPE R75 is “the most sorted F-TYPE I’ve ever driven – and it doesn’t look half bad either”. McMahon felt that the praise the F-TYPE has received over its lifetime is “nothing but deserved, and if this final creation is all she wrote for Jaguar’s internal combustion era, then the F-TYPE 75 is a very bloody good place to end it”. In a legacy that began with the record-breaking XK120 that debuted in 1948 as the world’s fastest production car, the 2024 model year F-TYPEs are a fitting swan song to a truly unique sports car.