A 12-month warranty is provided with Jaguar Genuine Parts. This covers the cost of any parts that need replacement or are used in the repair of your Jaguar. All repairs are carried out in a Jaguar Approved Service Centre using Jaguar Genuine Parts.


Jaguar genuine parts and Accessories have been designed specifically to comply with our high standards of safety and reliability. They provide the best solution for all service and maintenance needs. In addition, any genuine part or accessory that is purchased or provided by a Jaguar Approved Service Centre or retailer will be covered by warranty.

Every Jaguar Approved Accessory comes with a 12-month warranty. Accessories fitted within one month or 1,600 kilometres (whichever occurs first) of the handover of a new Jaguar will be covered by the vehicle warranty.


Our parts and accessories comply with Jaguar’s safety and reliability standards, so we strongly recommend you only choose genuine Jaguar parts and accessories for your car.

Other parts and accessories have not been tested and approved by Jaguar, so we aren’t able to evaluate their quality. Any damage caused by non-genuine Jaguar parts or accessories is not covered by the Warranty.