As Jaguar drives towards an all-electric future and global interest in electric vehicles grows, questions arise around the power and performance these vehicles can deliver. Look no further than the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the most competitive motorsport championship in the world, where race cars reach heart-stopping speeds of over 200mph.

While Formula 1 receives more media attention, Formula E is growing in popularity with record-breaking attendances across last year’s Championship and a bigger TV audience than ever. Eleven teams featuring some of the biggest names in racing take to inner-city tracks around the world for some of the tightest and quickest racing in motorsport.

Jaguar TCS Racing


A completely level playing field sets Formula E apart from F1, with each car having identical batteries, tyres and aerodynamics. The limited space offered by each city’s street track also means more edge-of-the-seat close calls between drivers.

Jaguar TCS Racing driver Mitch Evans finished second in last season’s ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, and is one of the sport’s most talented drivers. Speaking to GQ magazine, Evans said, “There are a lot of incredible drivers in Formula 1…but as a pure average, pound-for-pound, I believe FE is the strongest out there." He believes this is due to the level technological playing field found in Formula E, compared to F1's team budgets and freedoms. “In FE, I can win or come last. Every weekend I have the opportunity to win, and so does everyone else. It's just more competitive by nature.”

Jaguar TCS Racing

Formula E is the first sport to have a certified net zero carbon footprint and, speaking to GQ, Team Principal of Jaguar TCS Racing, James Barclay said he sees Formula E as a way to change the perception of driving and fuel consumption. “The power of sport to drive change is significant. Formula E was created to inspire and support the adoption of electric vehicles to help reduce emissions…It's not only a hugely exciting sporting spectacle with some of the world's best drivers…but at its heart is also an important message about the benefits of zero-emissions mobility.” By trialling electric technology in the world of motorsport, Jaguar can apply this tech to the next generation of road-going electric vehicles.

Jaguar TCS Racing


The racing thrills are being ramped up for season 9 with the introduction of Gen3 racing cars, 60kg lighter than its predecessor and featuring 100kW more power. Impressively, a rapid “flash charging” pit stop is set to be introduced at select races using the world’s most advanced EV battery to add five percent of a battery’s charge in just 30 seconds.

You can catch all the white-knuckle racing action and follow Jaguar TCS Racing’s progress on Stan Sport. You can also view the race calendar and catch YouTube highlights on the official ABB FIA Formula E World Championship website, or immerse yourself in the world of all-electric racing by watching the series Formula E Unplugged on the Formula E YouTube channel.


While the ultimate prize eluded Mitch Evans last season, this year he’s determined to bring home the glory for Jaguar TCS Racing. Don’t miss a second of the high stakes competition as Evans and teammate, Sam Bird, give it everything they’ve got.