Jaguar has always been driven by innovation and creativity, not just as a means to build some of the world’s most desirable cars, but also as a way to create positive change in the world. Gender inequality continues to be a global challenge, which is why #GiveHerACrown was launched in 2020.

#GiveHerACrown is an empowerment platform that uses the power of storytelling and the arts to make a difference in the fight against gender inequality. It has played a vital role in uplifting female artists, giving them a platform to showcase their talents and share their stories.

Jaguar is proud to announce the six female artists taking part in the 2023 #GiveHerACrown campaign. Each woman was chosen for her ground-breaking work in embracing female creativity and empowerment, with the work reflecting a diverse range of artistic disciplines. With a theme of ‘Celebrating the exquisite details of women’, each art piece conveys a story that encourages women to celebrate what makes them unique. By providing women with a platform, they are able to celebrate their individuality and share powerful messages with the world.

The very talented and deserving female artists for 2023 are:

Andiswa Bhungane is a painter who works in resin and acrylic, and describes her work as luxurious and multifaceted. Instagram: @andiswaxartistry


Beth Diane Armstrong is a sculptor of large-scale projects, with a focus on creating monumental artworks made of stainless steel. Instagram: @bethdianearmstrong


Helena Hugo, a seasoned portrait artist, portrays individuals who are often overlooked. Instagram: @hugo_helena_artist


Lara Klawikowski is a skilful fashion designer who designs wearable art and unique womenswear. Instagram: @lara_klawikowski

Shelley Mokoena, a talented fashion designer, prides herself on creating bold yet understated pieces. Instagram: @shelleymokoena


Sonja Swanepoel is a multi-talented sculptor and landscape architect who creates contemporary art for environmental awareness. Instagram: @sonjaswartswan


As a global business, Jaguar understands the importance of building a rich and inclusive culture that reflects the world we live in. A continued focus on diversity and inclusion remains a key priority. As part of this commitment, we have set a range of global objectives, including a target of having 30% of all senior leadership positions held by women by 2026.

Visit for more information about the campaign and the incredibly gifted female artists, and follow @giveheracrownsa on Instagram for exclusive content and announcements.